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Episode Notes

The Hundred Year War is over! But now, a new battle begins! Join us as we work to bring peace to Eberron, through wrestling!

A Force of Nature, The Mad Hermit - "No man, no beast, can hang in the ring with ME!"

The Guardian of Eberron, Hellinore - "I fight for love and justice!"

A Legendary Evil, Nyasta - "The least you can do is look me in the eyes!"

The Monster Incarnate, Razorhide - "You're just gonna have to Gnoll with it!"

The Jelly Queen, Candy Cantrip - "I may not have any guts, but I've got plenty of courage!" J

oin us now, as the quest for Eberron's most powerful wrestling league begins! It's time for the Eternal Ring Tournament! Who will stand victorious?

Welcome to Droaam & Defiance Wrestling! WELCOME TO D&DW! System - Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (Wizards of the Coast) ► https://dnd.wizards.com/dungeons-and-...

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Kaiji Tang: https://twitter.com/KaijiTang


Anna Brisbin (Zinovia / Nyasta): https://twitter.com/BrizzyVoices

Cristina Vee (Anjelica / Candy Cantrip): https://twitter.com/CristinaVee

Ify Nwadiwe (Rrahrruhl of the Daggermouth Tribe / Razorhide): https://twitter.com/ifynwadiwe

Marcy Edwards (Xelerin / Hellinore): https://twitter.com/MarcyTheBeast

Sean-Ryan Petersen (Bumram Jr. / The Mad Hermit): https://twitter.com/SeanRyanMLP

🧝 GUEST Brandon Cutler (Ariss the Hiss): https://twitter.com/BranCutler

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