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Rat Queens TTRPG | Episode 15 - A Return to the Past

Episode Notes

Mercenaries, adventurers, a straight up mess. These are the 'Rat Queens', one of the many bands of warriors, mages and thieves that roam the world. The dwarven warrior Violet, the halfling thief Betty, the human cleric Dee, the elven mage Hannah, and the orc warrior Braga smite, bash and stab their way through all sorts of epic adventures in and around their hometown of Palisade. With a diverse cast both in and out of character, the official Rat Queens RPG can only be seen on Hyper RPG.

RPG System - Dungeon World, a Powered by the Apocalypse system (Sage Kobold Productions):
► http://www.dungeon-world.com/

'Rat Queens' is an ongoing comic book series created by Kurtis J Wiebe and published by Image Comics

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Emily Rose Jacobson: https://twitter.com/frankly_emily

Jessica Verdi (Hannah): https://twitter.com/jessicaverdi
Laurie Jones (Violet): https://twitter.com/LaurieMichelleJ
Michelle Nguyen (Betty): https://twitter.com/iamchubbybunny
Riley Silverman (Braga): https://twitter.com/rileyjsilverman

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